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Chief Joseph's War Shirt exhibition, "Uncommon Ground: Selections from the William L. Koch Collection"

Big Hole Battlefield Webcam

Grand re-opening of Big Hole visitor center. Report and photos by Jim Thorn

 First Sgt. Frederick Stortz -- a moving biography of a soldier, who reconciled with his father, just before his death at the Battle of Big Hole.

Big Hole Archeological Report

Steve Black is the new superintendent at Big Hole

 Environmental Assessment Big Hole March 2009

Big Hole 125th Anniversary

The Nez Perce Battles -- includes map of Nez Perce journey

Historical Review -- The Seventh Cavalry In The 1877 Nez Perce War

     Seventh Cavalry Command Structure

     Big Hole

     Canyon Creek

     Bear Paw

 Archeology at Bear Paw

Yellow Wolf: Nez Perce Warrior

Biography of Patrick Rogan

Musician John McLennon (Photos of Michael McLennon's grave added August 26, 2006)

Biography of Captain William Logan

 Biography of Sherman Coolidge, a young Arapaho adopted by an officer wounded at Big Hole

 Bear Paw Official Report

 General John Gibbon -- Biography

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Superintendent's Message (Updated January 2008)

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