Friends of Bear Paw, Big Hole & Canyon Creek Battlefields

More Photos of Big Hole Battlefield

All photos courtesy of James Thorn


Big Hole National Battlefield Visitor Center -- seen from the trail leading towards Joseph's village.

Site of Joseph's village.


Trail leading to the location of the 12-pounder mountain howitzer high up on that ridge.


After one heck of a hike, the Thorn family reach the location. This is a replica mountain howitzer of course. As noted in our photographic tour of the Big Hole Battlefield, there was only one soldier with Gibbon's command that had experience firing this weapon. The troops managed to fire two rounds before the Nez Perce warriors overran the howitzer.


Big Hole River and Joseph's village site as seen from the area of the howitzer.

Parking lot to access the trail to the howitzer. Visitor Center is center of photo.

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